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"Minna genkii~?" --- the tetsuya LJ community

Cult of the Bouncing Banana

tetsuya fandom community
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Welcome to minna_genki - A LiveJournal community for tetsuya fans!

Under the Peel of our Fructomorphic Mascot, Mukimpo!

This cheerful, friendly, bouncy community is for the worship and appreciation of tetsuya, the gloriously genki bassist and leader of L'Arc~en~Ciel. It's a good way to meet other fans who have a marked preference for tetsuya, but lovers of the other members are welcome to join too. ^_^

This really orange community is maintained by nanani. Don't be afraid, the Chocobo does not bite.

So. Anyone who wants to join, you're welcome to do so! However we do have a few rules :

1. First of all No flaming of the artist! This is a community for fans of tetsuya, so if you want to flame him, this is not the place for you. You also may not flame other members of L'Arc~en~Ciel, or anyone at all. It's for love of tetsuya, not hate of non-tetsuyas.

2. Even though we're living in a free world, still, respect the members. We all have our own opinions about everything, right? Discussion is welcome, drama is not! The Bird WILL delete posts without warning.

3. All posts have to somehow relate to tetsuya! May it be wallpapers, mp3s, video clips, icons, pictures, banners, info, anything's welcome - as long as it's tetsuya related. Please talk to the maintainer before posting anything unrelated to tetsuya. This includes L'Arc only content and doubly includes other member's solos. Corollary: Don't post TETSUYA-only things on other communities; post them here instead ^-^

4. Remember the lj-cut? Please use it if you're posting big pictures or anything longer than about one screen. Also, any shared media must be under a friends cut.

4. NO posting of any Fan Club paid content - including scans from magazines and the like - under any circumstances.

5. Do NOT request any files or translations. Questions are fine, asking people to do things for you is not. You also may not spam this community with sales information.

6.Lastly, please check the recent posts before posting something new. There is no need to repost news; a quick read through the latest posts are enough to make sure you aren't repeating something recent. Any repeating posts will be pruned by the mod.

7. Hail Mukimpo, Fructomorphic Avatar of all things genki.

8. Join and have fun! ^_^


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