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TETSUYA - Roulette radio promos!

Tonight, TETSUYA is on two radio shows as a special guest!
To promote the release of Roulette, of course ;)

This post continues the festivites that began here:

The first one is on NACK5 (a Saitama station that I am listening to through KeyHole) and is called: The Nutty Radio show ONITAMA

Well it's gonna be a Fruity Radio Show tonight!!

This show is hosted by a very ... slow speaking... lady...
I am not used to this anymore....
Seriously she's like the Japanese William Shatner. Full of. Odd. PauSES.

Turns out the guest corner isn't on until several hours into the show..
Bird found other things to do >.> <.<

*time passes*

*a LOT of time*

*over 2 hours later*

FINALLY we reach the guest corner!!

tetsuya is alone with the slow-talking host girl, who introduces him as TETSUYA.

Host: But you were here before, as tetsu.
TETSUYA: Ehhh? I was? Ehhh. I must have been.
Host: Perhaps for your last single?
TETSUYA: Yeaaah. Maybe. Ehh....

They work out that it's been more than three years since he came on this show, in fact.

TETSUYA: Then maybe it was before L'Arc! That means... It's been... 19 years!

Anyway 8D. He is TETSUYA now and he is here tonight!
This show is live, by the way.
The whole time, he fills the long LONG gaps between her sentences with "HAI!".

He says that he's looking for a good slogan, something he can put on the spine of his CDs, and since this show is taking listener comments, maybe someone can come up with a catchy slogan for him.

TETSUYA: Maybe something like... Oh wait, I can't say that. This show is live, isn't it?
TETSUYA: I'd like a long slogan, but a short one is good too, if it's short.

Host: So how does it feel to do solo work as TETSUYA?
TETSUYA: Hmmm. Yeah. It's pretty good. Pretty fresh. It feels like I've always been tetsuya, and yet it's new.

Host: Did you have a reason to change your name? Did you want to break away from your previous solo, or something like that? Or was it just spur of the moment?
TETSUYA: Well, you know, eveyobody goes "tetsu yan! tetsu yan!" (Kansai-ben for "hey tetsu!")
TETSUYA: But seriously, there is a deeper meaning, and I explained it in an interview before, so you should read that. It's a very serious topic, so please go read that interview.
Host: It's a serious topic, yet you won't tell us which magazine to check?
TETSUYA: Please just go read it.

Host: So, why did you decide to release new songs after three years?
TETSUYA: I had nothing else to do, so yeah 8D
Host: This is not a regular project for you, is it? Do you just stock up songs as they come?
TETSUYA: It's hard to say, but well, there is L'Arc, and that comes first. I really don't want to do anything else. I'd happily do L'Arc forever. But then, the other members want to do their solos sometimes, and well, I figured I might as well give it a try, too. So this started out as an experiment, and it worked out. Turns out, hey, I can do this.
Host: Once you get started, does the work go by fast?
TETSUYA: Yeah I write songs fast. I don't know how fast other people are, but the staff always tell me I'm fast. When I have a deadline, I can write a LOT of songs. It's not hard. I have to focus, and think hard, and it's definitely a lot of work, but really all sorts of songs just flow out of me, one after the other, and they're all different from each other. I even surprise myself, like "Hey! I'm awesome!"
TETSUYA: Lyrics take a little bit longer, though.
Host: What do you find hard about coming up with lyrics?
TETSUYA: The hardest part is coming up with the theme. How do you think of what to say in a song? You know.
Host: I could only sing about how hungry I am or some other silly thing.
TETSUYA: Yeah, see, but I don't want to just say random things. Once I come up with a theme, then I can write lyrics fast, but until then, it takes a while.

TETSUYA: Lots of young people, younger than me, write about their experiences, so it's more real. But I just... I CAN'T do that. I have to do something different. I'm old, you know...
Host: Too real isn't good. It's nice to have some fantasy-type songs
TETSUYA: Eh? Whose songs are too real?
Host: Oh no, no one in particular.
TETSUYA: Oh, and I don't want my lyrics to be too complicated. I don't want things to be hard to understand. It all has to be balanced.

- about roulette -
TETSUYA: It has a lot of possible meanings, so yeah. You know. There's a lot to it.
Host: How did you come up with that word, roulette?
TETSUYA: Ehh... hmmm, it just came to me. For the chorus, I just went... you know... *sings* "♪kira kira ♪ roulette" and went "Hey that should be the title!" and that's all.
TETSUYA: Oh, and then I figured everybody could spin towels at the lives, and I just went with it.
TETSUYA: It was fast once I thought of that one line.

Host: What inspired you when you were composing the melody?
TETSUYA: I wrote this song 4-5 years ago, so I don't remember that.

TETSUYA: Actually, I have 18 songs stocked right now. Just music, though. Some of them go "La la la". I have 18. Could make albums with that. Maybe.
TETSUYA: Some of these songs will never be released, but Roulette at least was ready to go for years, almost exactly the way it was now.
Host: I hope everybody will buy your single.

- Roulette (full) -

Host: Wow, the song sparkles because its a roulette.
TETSUYA: Yeah, it does. The tune itself is sparkly. That's how I came up with those lines. Kira Kira.

TETSUYA: You know what, I just wrote a song today, and it even has one line of lyrics that came to me right away.
Host: And when will you release this new song?
TETSUYA: Maybe in five years 8D
Host: You have other things to do, I suppose
TETSUYA: Yeaaaaaaah. I'm busy, you know.

Next, the host girl reads out slogans suggested by fans.
(They're all very lame 8D Some of them so much so that I couldn't write them down. orz)

1 - "I have so much talent it's Killing Me".
TETSUYA: Wow, you sure know me. Thanks!

2 - "TETSUYA chigau de sannen"
(As far as Bird can figure, punning on "zannen"- sorry and "sannen"-three years)

3. - ???
(Did not catch)

4. - The man who sees alone: TETSUYA!
TETSUYA: What does that even mean?
Host: I'm really not sure.

Randomness break:

TETSUYA: Hey you know what? I was once told that I'd make a good Power Ranger. I just have that sort of face for it, I guess.

Back to Lame Slogans:

5. - The F1 racer of song writing!
TETSUYA: You mean F4?
Host: *laughs* You're not from Taiwan though.

6. - Making rainbows even alone
TETSUYA: Oh yeah, I like this one.

TETSUYA: I'm already using that one.

(Because one of many kanji that are read "tetsu" means "steel".)
This one is too lame to merit comment.

9.- He's more than aluminum, he's TETSU YA!

10. - The Black Ship of the Music World: TETSUYA!
(Black ships = Steel ships from America that came an opened up 19th century Japan)
Many more lame puns ensue from this one.

11- TETSUYA - Beyond the Blond!
TETSUYA: Good point, I'm not blond anymore.

12.- Soap in the eyes can't make him cry!
TETSUYA: Ooh, manly! I like that. It's very manly.
Host: You're stronger than soap?
TETSUYA: Of course!
Host: It sounds like you take showers with your eyes open, getting suds in your face but not crying.
T: Exactly 8D

13. - TETSUYA does tetsuyas!
TETSUYA: I did a tetsuya live once. It was called "TETSUYA de tetsuya" (Because yeah, tetsuya = all night!!)
Host - One live lasted all nigiht?

Host: Will you be doing that this tour, too?
TETSUYA: Probably not 8D It's kinda hard to tour all night, around the whole country.

The host reads out some tour info for this July.

Host: Will there be any new songs?
TETSUYA: Well, I -have- songs but... I'd have to write lyrics first. Maybe I should release a song that goes "La la la".
TETSUYA: If I can get away with that, then I'll release something.

TETSUYA: Oh, I know, I'll ask the audience to make up lyrics during the MCs. That way I dont have to memorize anything.

TETSUYA: You know, maybe they would like la la la. I'LL DO ALL THE SONGS THAT WAY!!

(He starts to la la la to the music of Roulette)

TETSUYA: Realy, la la la is much easier. Lyrics are harder, it's harder to hit the right note because your mouth has to be open to pronounce the word AND sing the note. La la la is much, -much- easier.

He shows the host to sing a proper "LA".

Host: Are ther any other words you can use, for varierty?
TETSUYA: Well, I can't really use "moo". "Moo moo moo," nah, that's no goo. Maybe "he". "Hehehe"... Nah, I'll stick with La.
TETSUYA: I really can't get a good MOOOOOOOOOOO going, can I?
Host: Then maybe another -a sound, like wa?
But He seems fixated on La. Or Moo.

Host: By the way, there are more slogans coming in. Please use any good ones you find.
TETSUYA: I will, on my next sngle.
Host: When will that be?
TETSUYA: That depends on the roulette 8D
Host: What? It's in Roulette?
TETSUYA: I mean, I have to spin the roulette and see what comes up. It might come up "never".
TETSUYA: But really, I want it to come up "L'Arc."
TETSUYA: I could release more songs, but I'd really rather get back to L'Arc.

When the host tells him that the show is almost over, he of course responds-

It went by really fast. He has more shows to do next week, though.
TETSUYA: I'll really make some la la la songs. Just watch. Please tell the labels you want to play la la la songs. Really. Do it.

He presents the other song and bids the host farewell.

- Can't stop believing RYUKYUDISKO remix (partial) -

That's it!

After he left, one of the slogan writers got a prize from the station. Good for them 8D

Typing these up, I can really feel my typing-feathers leveled up in the last month or so...
*flexes wings*


**If you only have time to read one of these, MAKE IT THIS SECOND ONE**

This program is one I've never listened to before, either. Couldn't find a local rebroadcast, even, so still relying on the lower-quality Keyhole.

Before Banana appears, the host rambles about Twitter, cell phones, and YouTube.
Seems this program is sponsored by the big keitai makers and Twitter XD

TETSUYA doesn't appear in the studio until after a long set of other singles being released this week are presented.
When finally we hear Roulette play, the host takes the time to explain that he changed his name and used to be tetsu.

There is a little bit more to go before his interview starts, including an Evangelion themed bit o.o
And a twitter lesson. How weird... tweeting on the radio... I feel like I'm in a strange media nexus @.@
This is a VERY VERY geeky show XDD

Our Banana finally turns up 35 minutes into a one hour show.

After intros, the first question out of the host's mouth is:
Host: So I hear you're very close with Nishikawa Takanori.
TETSUYA: Well, yes. We're very close. We're neighbours, for one, and we have a radio show together, and we know a lot of the same people, and so we have dinner together pretty often and things like that.

The host explains that Takanori had been on this show recently and specifically requested that, if TETSUYA turned up, the host should ask him to come see The Musical. The host has kept his promise!

They debate whether to call up Takanori right then, but decide against it.

Host: Do you think you'll get around to seeing his musical?
TETSUYA: I want to, but really, I'm just too busy to sit down for that many hours and watch the show. I really hope he'll understand. I see him a lot at other times, though.

With that question settled, the host asks the basic questions about solo vs. L'Arc.
TETSUYA replies that the solo project is just something to keep him going when he can't do L'Arc, and it's not his priority.

TETSUYA: I like doing both, and I'm honoured to have people come to see either one.

- Roulette -

After the song and CM, they start talking about round things. Like a roulette!
Host: I hear you like collecting clocks and appliances. Are you an indoors type?
TETSUYA: No, not really. I like driving, I drive around aimlessly a lot. I'm really not at home very often. I do like design, though, and shopping, and I'm a collector. I've always been a collector.

TETSUYA: I like buying things overseas that can't be found in Japan.

TETSUYA: For example, I have a lot of desks.
Host: Desks? Just how many desks do you own?
TETSUYA: Let me think... probably... just in my home, I have two.
Host: Just at home... as opposed to..?
TETSUYA: Well I have my own studio, and there's the office too, and I decorate those myself.
TETSUYA: I'm a world class collector, really. I'm probably in the top 3 in Japan for vintage furniture collections.

He goes on about his passion for French furniture and design for a while.

Host: What is it about French furniture that attracts you?
TETSUYA: EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. It's the impression value.
Host: So you're not collecting antiques or historical valubales, then?
TETSUYA: No. It's all about the design. I like simple, ordinary things that are also stylish.
TETSUYA: I look all over the world to find rare things. But there are lots of collectors around, so its expensive.
TETSUYA: Some things I like were used institutionally, so there are more of them, and others are unique.
Host: The rare ones are worth more.
TETSUYA: Of course.

Host: And what do you do with all this furniture?
TETSUYA: I like to just look at them and go *WOOOW*.
Host: Rather like the way some people keep a Buddha statue.
TETSUYA: Yeah, sorta. Its an aesthetic experience.

He goes on explaining that he likes simple things, even when they have flaws and other people don't want them for that reason. He likes finding somethng that's been sitting unused for years, like a chair or desk with rust. He wonders how the flaws get there.
He also mentions that he's bored by overly perfect rooms, like model rooms.

Host: Your collection is probably weird to French people.
TETSUYA: But something that's gone unused for 50 years is AWESOME.

Host: Then, you're the greatest collector in the world?
TETSUYA: No no no. I think I'm one of the top 3 in Japan, but I'm not sure. Definitely not the top in the world, though. There are other collectors I admire and can never beat. I can't beat Brad Pitt, you know.

He explains that he is focusing on French stuff from the 1950s and thereabout.
(He names some designers but I didn't catch them, except for Jean Prouvé)

Host: Is there any way people can get a look at your collection?
TETSUYA: I have a column in CD-DL Data called tetsu's press. It mostly has my newest things, though. It used to be more about my favourites, but now it's the newest things coming out that I want to get. My collection can't really be sold to anyone else, you know.
Host : Maybe you should make a DVD of your collection. Could go on Tamori club or something! I'm sure people would love it.
TETSUYA: Ehh....

Then the host reads out the tour details, and that's the end!
A quick but very rustyjuicy interview!

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