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"Minna genkii~?" --- the tetsuya LJ community
Cult of the Bouncing Banana
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27 Jul, 2017 - Imadoki 2017.07.27
show started late again, but I scheduled for it to record longer so we should have the whole thing this time.

15 Jun, 2017 - Imadoki 2017.06.15
So I record this when I'm not at home.

thinking I was all clever, I thought I'd just record the 1st half since that is the only part TETSUYA is on.

Today the show started late.. so I am missing the ending :(

I think I'll go back to recording the whole hour :p

Leader was not on the show today, but they played about half of his new single, I Surrender--

I've cropped the recording so the download today is just that song.


4 May, 2017 - Imadoki 2017.05.04
YA! new Imadoki.

Once again he's only in the first half. I'm going to keep an eye on this & if this is always the case then I'll just record the first half. for now you get the whole show.

Just when we thought it was all over--
comes a new MBS radio show with TETSUYA!

The show is called Imadoki. You can see the other hosts & information here: http://www.mbs1179.com/imadoki/ It is on every Thursday on MBS 1179 at midnight Japan time for 1 hour.

I have not yet listened to the whole thing, but apparently he was excited to be in a group of women because he himself "is a woman on the inside"

Posts for this show will come later in the day as the show airs during a time I am at work. So I set the recording at home & will upload that evening.

So please enjoy the first of TETSUYA'S new radio appearance!

(sorry the audio quality was not so good today)
Hello everyone,

April is the start in Japan of a new season of shows on the radio.

Much to our disappointment, TETSUYA is not on any of the MBS programs listed. At the last Appare Yattemasu! it was announced at the end of the show that TETSUYA had "graduated" from the show, meaning he was leaving it.

So it appears (for now) to be the end of a great era of TETSUYA on public radio.

Please CHECK OUT the archives here on minna_genki, where you will find many years of great TETSUYA radio reports thanks to our Bird.

Should TETSUYA return to MBS radio, we will certainly share it here.

Thank you all for joining us in what has been many years of Banana joy.
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